Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Create is an Act of Love

My husband is a great artist and a great philosopher and a great architect.  This is actually one of his writings from March 2009.  It well describes why we create.

"A philosopher told me once that God understood the world because He made it.  While forming the whole He guided all the parts into their separate identities, their places.  The identity of each part became realized by how each formed a part of the whole.

God understood the world because He gave each part existence with respect to Himself and with respect to the whole.  In order to create, He had to devote a piece, a chard of Himself, in order to bring each piece its meaning as separate from the void.  By surrendering a chard that diminished Him but rendered a creation, He gave love.  With love, all acts of creation deepen the Creator.  His understanding of the world was deepened by the making of it.  By giving up parts of Himself without limitation to the life of the parts, He gained love of the world.

Being created, I must yearn to understand my place and my Father's place.  I must do some measure of the work of my Father, by creating, by building.  To begin to understand the world I must re-make a part of it.  I must disassemble and re-assemble a part of the work/mind of God.  In making, I allow parts of myself to align alongside those chards of God.  To join my creation with those of God I must commit parts of myself, my chards to the creation.  I give an irredeemable chard tin order to bring each piece its meaning and separate it from the void.  By undertaking the challenge to build with love, I have surrendered to the job of opening my soul.  Then, from my soul, lies the chard of the divine where God and I dwell together. "